The Best Super Bowl 2022 Commercials And Trailers For Your Viewing Pleasure

The Best Super Bowl 2022 Commercials And Trailers For Your Viewing Pleasure

From the new Doctor Strange 2 trailer to Jim Carrey’s return to his Cable Guy character, here are the best commercials and trailers from this year’s Super Bowl.

The Call Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show OFFICIAL TRAILER

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Video: https://youtu.be/UKGVtya24K8

“The Call” Pepsi presents The Super Bowl 56 Half Time OFFICIAL TRAILER show featuring Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J Blige & Kendrick Lamar coming to Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, Ca for the game featuring Cincinnati Bengal champions of the AFC v Los Angeles Rams of the NFC to crown NFL champions February 13, 2022.


“El LLamada” Pepsi presenta The Super Bowl 56 Half Time TRAILER OFICIAL show con Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J Blige y Kendrick Lamar llegando al Sofi Stadium en Inglewood, CA para el juego con los campeones de Cincinnati Bengal de la AFC v Los Angeles Rams de la NFC para coronar campeones de la NFL el 13 de febrero de 2022.

百事可乐推出第 56 届超级碗半场官方预告片,Dre 博士、Snoop Dogg、Eminem、Mary J Blige 和 Kendrick Lamar 将来到加利福尼亚州英格尔伍德的索菲体育场观看亚足联对洛杉矶的辛辛那提孟加拉冠军的比赛 NFC 的洛杉矶公羊队将于 2022 年 2 月 13 日加冕 NFL 冠军。

a chamada Pepsi apresenta The Super Bowl 56 Half Time TRAILER show oficial com Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J Blige e Kendrick Lamar chegando ao Sofi Stadium em Inglewood, Califórnia para o jogo com os campeões de Cincinnati Bengal da AFC x Los Angeles Rams da NFC para coroar os campeões da NFL em 13 de fevereiro de 2022.

A chamada.

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10 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2021

I put together ten commercials from the 2021 Super Bowl which I think are the best. I hope you enjoy my compilation. Tell me in the comments which commercial is your favorite. I will include your vote in the ranking to see which commercial people like the most. You find the results at the end of this description and in my pinned comment below the video.

For your information: I included only ads that were actually aired during the game – no teasers, no extended versions, no trailers, only commercials that were really broadcast.

This year we were suffering or recovering from COVID-19 and the Corona lockdowns. Many advertisers didn’t advertise at the Big game or at least not in the usual way, like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Planters, and others.

Selecting the best commericals wasn’t easy for me. I liked more commercials than fit into this video like Stella Artois with “Hearbeat Billionaire” featuring Leny Kravitz, Bud Light Seltzer with “Last Year’s Lemonde”, Dexcom with Nick Jonas, Tide with “The Jason Alexander Hoodie”, also Huggies with “Welcome to the World, Baby”, Vroom with the “Dealeship Pain”, the Miller Lite with its “Ridiculously long calorie-burning Big Game URL”, and others. On the other hand, I didn’t find most of them really outstanding. So I had to chose. Sorry, if your favorite commercial isn’t in it, be it Bud Light “Legends”, Amazon “Alexa’s Body” with Michael B. Jordan, Frito-Lay “Twas the Night Before Super Bowl” or something else – taste is different.

By the way, I included the Paramount+ commercial “Expedition: Sweet Victory”, also called “Paramount Mountain” or “Mount Paramount” with Patrick Stewart , Steven Colbert, DJ Khaled, James Corden, Tom Selleck, and many others, most importantly Beaves and Butt-Head. Sadly, Paramount blocked the commercial worldwide and my video couldn’t be watched.

These ads are included:

1. Cheetos, “It Wasn’t Me” starring Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Shaggy
2. Rocket Mortgage, “Certain Is Better” with Tracy Morgan, Dave Bautista, and Liza Koshy
3. General Motors, “No Way Norway” with Will Ferrell
4. Doritos 3D, “Flat” with Matthew McConaughey
5. Uber Eats, “Wayne’s World” / “Shameless Manipulation” with Wayne, Garth, and Cardi B (Eat local)
6. M &M’s, “Come Together” with Dany Levy from Schitt’s Creek
7. Scotts Miracle-Gro, “Keep Growing” with Martha Stewart, Carl Weathers, Leslie David Baker, Kyle Busch, Emma Lovewell and John Travolta and his daughter
8. Dr. Squatch, “You’re not a dish” with James Schrader
9. Pringles, “Flavor Packing Space Return”
10. Toyota, “Jessica Long’s Story” with Jessica Long, 13-time Paralympic gold medalist (Team USA)


11. Rocket Mortgage, “Certain Is Better” with Tracy Morgan and Joey Bosa
11.5 T-Mobile, “Adam Levine Sets Up Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton” with, surprisingly, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, and Blake Shelton

Super Bowl LV, the 55th Super Bowl and the 51st modern-era National Football League (NFL) championship game, was an American football game that decided the champion for the NFL’s 2020 and 101st season.
The National Football Conference (NFC) champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Kansas City Chiefs, 31–9. The game took place on February 7, 2021, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. it was 5th Super Bowl hosted by the Tampa area and the 3rd held at Raymond James Stadium. It was the 4th time that the Super Bowl was in the same state in back-to-back years.
The game has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with health restrictions limiting stadium capacity to 22,000 fans, which made it the lowest attended Super Bowl.It was televised nationally by CBS. Country music singer Eric Church and R &B singer Jazmine Sullivan performed the national anthem, while the halftime show was headlined by Canadian singer The Weeknd.
The cost of air time for a 30 second commercial at this Super Bowl was 5.6 million US-Dollar.

TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPER BOWL ADS 2022 �� Best Ten Superbowl LVI Commercials

Check out the BIGGEST and BEST Super Bowl 2022 commercials!
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Top 10 Super Bowl 2022 commercials in ONE video! Agree with the Top 10? What’s your favorite? Leave a COMMENT!

A Llama counts down Superbowl 56’s ten best ads. Included in this video:
BMW – Zeus and Hera (with Arnold Schwarzenegger & Salma Hayek)
Avocados from Mexico – Always Good Long (with Andy Richter)
Amazon Alexa – Mind Reader (with Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost)
Irish Spring – Welcome to Irish Spring
Greenlight – I’ll Take It (with Ty Burrell)
Lay’s – Golden Memories (with Paul Rudd & Seth Rogen)
PepsiCo – Road to Super Bowl LVI (with Peyton and Eli Manning, Jerome Bettis, Victor Cruz & Terry Bradshaw)
Rakuten – High Stakes (with Hannah Waddingham)
General Motors GM – Dr. EV-il (with Mike Myers, Rob Lowe & Seth Green)

RUNNERS-UP that didn’t make the cut (some due to copyrighted music):
Nissan – Thrill Driver (with Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara & Dave Bautista)
Flamin’ Hot – Push It
AT &T Fiber (with Demi Moore)
Sam’s Club – VIP (with Kevin Hart)
Sprint – Cable Guy (with Jim Carrey)
Squarespace – Sally’s Seashells (with Zendaya)
PLANTERS Deluxe Mixed Nuts (with Dr. Ken Jeong & Joel McHale)
Planet Fitness (with Lindsey Lohan)
Hyundai – History of Evolution (with Jason Bateman)

The battle between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals is not the only thing to look forward to in this Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV. Advertisers paid a record breaking $7 million for each 30-second commercial spot. Also, the halftime show with Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige is a highly anticipated event.

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Best Super Bowl 2022 Commercials

From Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost tangling with Alexa to the return of Dr. Evil, here are some of our favorite moments from this year’s best Super Bowl ads. #SuperBowl

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