The New Tetris Cheats For Nintendo 64

The New Tetris Cheats For Nintendo 64

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N64 New Tetris, Sprint 890, game id 00000008

This is game id 00000008 (hex), not game id 00000007. I made a mistake for the Player’s Name in this video.

GameShark Pro code:
Game ID
D01101B3 0024
8125E464 0000
D01101B3 0024
8125E466 0008

Before starting a new game, press L + C-Down to reset the Game ID to the value you assigned in the code; in the case above, that would be 00000008 (hex).

The New Tetris – Longplay [N64]

Longplay Playlists:

Nintendo Entertainment System [NES]:

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Nintendo 64 [N64]:

GameCube [GC]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6OuOtW13E8 &list=PLBJxr3mmntuAXDy_v7z7V-FavPBYAKJCj

Nintendo Wii [Wii]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVPnwT8Xap8 &list=PLBJxr3mmntuDTPGvEKrtwqrGmwEQNFryW

Nintendo Wii U [WiiU]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cccn_8QNkR0 &list=PLBJxr3mmntuCXJBvCjQ2h76LNw1Sanc_n

Nintendo Switch [Switch]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpahC1d-RF8 &list=PLBJxr3mmntuDpkOSJLQ6ILq3Ub3QAoHsB

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Nintendo 3DS [3DS]

Playstation 1 [PS1]
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Playstation Portable [PSP]

Playstation Vita [PSVita]

Sega Genisis / Mega Drive
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Sega 32x
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i1ALxfEROc &list=PLBJxr3mmntuDDjZ43RA4jOgcrNPDgyasc


The New Tetris is a puzzle video game for the Nintendo 64. The game was developed by H2O Entertainment and published by Nintendo, based on the latter’s popular Tetris series. The game was originally released on July 31, 1999, in North America.

The game is notable for showing scenic fly-bys of famous structures (for examples the Sphinx, the Pantheon, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, a Mayan temple, and others) rendered in real-time. This is relatively difficult for the Nintendo 64 hardware to accomplish at the quality that is achieved. The New Tetris also features a multiplayer mode with up to four players and an ethnically themed electronic dance music soundtrack by Neil Voss, who also composed the award-winning music for Tetrisphere. Revive the thrill of Nintendo 64 gaming by playing online at our website. From Super Mario 64 to The Legend of Zelda, offers an extensive catalog of n64 games online classics. Join us and embark on an epic retro gaming journey!

The New Tetris – Ultra (Master Difficulty)

Statistically, I have a very long way to go to unlock the final wonder!

2FAST4U Cheat Code ~ The New Tetris N64

In this video, I demonstrate the “2FAST4U” cheat code hidden in “The New Tetris” for the N64. The way to find this secret cheat code is unknown. The way I found it was by just playing the game and a message had randomly appeared out of nowhere!

First of all, this cheat code is very interesting because this will allow the games speed to double after you place a tetrominos one by one.

Second of all, this cheat code doesn’t give you any advantages (unless you want a challenge, I guess you can call it an advantage) but nonetheless, this cheat code makes it more challenging for you

Next, to enable this cheat code, you must enter into the “Single Player” option and enter the name “2fast4u”. When you enter it, if the name disappears, that means you did it right!

Finally, you need to start a game and if you see the tetrominos get faster and faster, that means you did is successfully!

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