Marvel’s Loki Teased As Future Fortnite Skin

Marvel’s Loki Teased As Future Fortnite Skin

The god of mischief will be up to no good on the Fortnite island.

Loki – Fortnite vs Marvel Cinematic Universe Comparison

Comparing Loki From Fortnite vs Marvel
Fortnite Loki vs Marvel Loki
Fortnite Loki and Marvel Loki
Loki – Fortnite vs Marvel Cinematic Universe Comparison

All footage on the left is from The Avengers (2012), and on the right is a comparison to how the skin looks in game!
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Custom WAR MACHINE + LOKI skins! (Helmets not included)

No, we didn’t discover a new way to make customizable headgear in Fortnite. We talk in this video about how much better these custom War Machine and Loki skins would look if we could apply their signature helmets, and we thought the thumbnail would give us a good opportunity to test that theory out. Step into the extraordinary world of digital circus serie, a virtual haven where innovation and entertainment converge. Immerse yourself in a captivating blend of cutting-edge technology, mind-bending performances, and interactive wonders.

Sure enough, they look much better.

Anyway, this video is in response to a viewer request to make Marvel’s War Machine and Loki – the latter of whom will soon be the star of his own Disney-Plus television show.

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MARVEL’S Loki in Fortnite? (Season 7?)

In the newest Fortnite Crew pack Bonus loading screen they’ve teased a possible Loki crossover coming in the future…

The *LOKI* Challenge in Fortnite!

New Loki green weapons only challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 gameplay with Typical Gamer!

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