PS4, Xbox 720 announcements in March?

PS4, Xbox 720 announcements in March?

Sony and Microsoft reportedly planning Apple-style press conferences to reveal next-gen consoles around GDC in late March.

Official Xbox 720 Announcement Confirmed for May 21

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8 year old me searching up the “Xbox 720” in 2012

IGN News – Report: The Xbox 720 Will Come In Two Versions

See what Bane could’ve looked like in The Dark Knight

New details have emerged about the next-generation Xbox. Two SKUs: one delivering a more casual experience.

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Xbox 720 and PS4 Announcement On March 2013?

Will they announce the new consoles Xbox 720 and PS4 this March? Will these systems release in late 2013? What kind of launch prices can we expect? And let’s talk about Wii U sales as well!
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